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divorce & family conflict.

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High-quality mediation services in divorce & family issues.
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To couples, parents, and relatives in conflict (and the people who serve them) –

It’s hard to be in conflict with people you’ve been close to. You likely have had a long and complex history with an ex-spouse, soon-to-be-ex spouse, or other family members. That history makes it difficult for you to get perspective, keep control, not to mention finding a fair, efficient, and cost-effective solution to your conflict. If children and child custody are involved, the emotional stakes are even higher. But high conflicts don’t have to take the low road.
Virtual family mediation

Virtual Mediation Solutions is a
first-class opportunity.

Conflict resolution through virtual mediation is a first-class opportunity to work with experienced mediators who know how to help you find solutions, without leaving your home or office. Meditation is a problem-solving process in which a third party helps everyone involved arrive at a fair solution. Our team of professionals strives for everyone to come away both with a refreshing solution and with their dignity intact.

Virtual Mediation Solutions is a boutique mediation firm whose top talent offers excellent mediation in a virtual setting in two areas:
Divorce & Family
Business & Workplace

We have helped many clients to resolve a number of divorce & family issues.

  • Marital challenges
  • Divorce
  • Child custody and visitation rights
  • Parenting plans
  • Support and alimony
  • Property and assets
  • Estate, inheritances, wills
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An efficient process leading to an excellent solution.

A complex situation does not require a complicated, costly process. Our virtual mediation process assures you save time, money, and agony—and that you do not compromise your dignity or desire for excellence.
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Give us the Details

Each party completes a separate, customized, and detailed questionnaire.
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Co-Create a Plan

Our Introductory Session lets us assess your situation, set scope and fees, and structure virtual meetings.
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Gather Information

We make sure that we gather as much information from all involved parties as possible to have a fair experience.
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Problem Solve

We listen, brainstorm and actively problem-solve—while assuring everyone’s dignity is held in tact as we move toward agreement.
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“My ex and I worked with Katherine to develop a complex mediated agreement covering every aspect of our future relationship, splitting assets and support arrangements, and our children’s educational needs. Katherine made informed, creative, and thoughtful suggestions at every step, without ever losing her neutrality. Five years later, the agreement has held up remarkably well and has enabled us to go in different directions, coordinate parenting, and remain friends.”

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“Katherine understands – and taught me – that a successful divorce really requires both parties to be able to complete the process with their heads held up, and with their pride and dignity intact. The fact that my ex and I are decent to each other to this day has a lot to do with Katherine’s guidance as we were going through the painful and scary experience of splitting up.”


Divorce mediation

Get perspective without pressure.

Speak with a Virtual Mediation Solutions team member today for a complementary and confidential call. We’ll take the time to listen and ask you the right questions, so we can help you assess whether your situation is right for virtual mediation.