Mediation and Business Disputes

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Two business partners having a discussion

Mediation offers businesses the benefit of achieving practical solutions to disputes with shareholders, customers, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers. A wide range of business disputes may be mediated, including:

  • Shareholder disputes involving minority stockholders and partners, professional liability, conflict of interest and related matters
  • Professional negligence claims involving medical professionals, accountants, architects, engineers, lawyers, and other state-licensed professionals
  • Personal injury claims relating to cost of medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, and loss of future earnings
  • Real estate issues involving landlord-tenant relationships, buyer-seller relationships, financing issues, boundary issues, and property defects
  • Business or partnership dissolution topics including consulting arrangements, valuation issues, financing concerns, and issues related to business succession

Resolving disputes through mediation allows you to get a quicker resolution, and ensuring that it will be scheduled on your timeline and not the court’s timeline. In addition to that, the process is done via a facilitated discussion, in which an objective mediator guides the conversation to the points at issue.

Usually, mediation is a more cost-effective alternative to courtroom litigation. You can still hire your own Westchester mediation attorneys to represent you in mediation, but you eliminate the cost of formal discovery and other aspects of hearing or trial preparation.

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