Keep control. Keep your cool. Keep your dignity.

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Excellent mediation services in divorce & family and in business & workplace. Delivered wherever you are.

Resolve your dispute fairly and keep control—whenever and wherever you want.

Keep control.

With mediation, you can gain a fair resolution and still keep control. You and the other party can make decisions you each agree are fair—even if you think right now that a mutual decision would be impossible.

Keep cool.

Our virtual setting and process alleviates much of the anxiety that accompanies being in the same room with the other party.

Avoid power plays.

Our virtual mediation process levels the power dynamics and playing field. Our meditators assure you and the other party understand the situation from many angles so you can both can make informed decisions.

Avoid a marathon process.

Our virtual mediation process streamlines conflict resolution to save you money and time—without compromising our standards of excellence.
Two business partners during a mediation

Our Point of View: First-Class Opportunity

Conflict resolution through virtual mediation is a first-class opportunity. Meditation is a problem-solving process in which a third party helps everyone involved arrive at a fair solution. Our team of experts strives for everyone to come away both with a refreshingly fair solution and with their dignity intact.
Virtual Mediation Solutions is a boutique mediation firm whose top talent offers excellent mediation in a virtual setting in two areas:
Divorce & Family
Business & Workplace

Be heard.

It’s normal to think that you and another party cannot agree on anything. Yet, we have witnessed over and over again the magic of mediation. Our process allows for every person’s voice to be honored and heard.

See the situation differently.

We resist following formulas. Your special circumstances deserve a custom approach. We are deeply experienced with conflict and resolution in many contexts, and we’re also highly versatile creative problem-solvers. Our process assures you will see the problem at hand from a new angle you’ve never considered—one that will lead us to the best possible solution.

We stand behind our promise.

Efficient Process

A complex situation does not require a complicated, costly process. Our virtual mediation process assures you save time, money, and agony.

Shared Dignity

We treat every client as a human being deserving respect. Our virtual mediation team aims to keep each party’s dignity in tact.

Excellent Solution

We do not compromise our standards of excellence. We believe that virtual mediation is a form of first-class justice.

Your Virtual Mediation Solutions Team

Katherine Miller, J.D.

Fordham University School of Law

Our founder and leader Katherine Miller serves as Director of The Center for Understanding in Conflict and has served as President of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals. A forerunner to collaborative law, Katherine has trained professionals in mediation for over 15 years.

Founding attorney of the Miller Law Group in New York, she’s experienced in heading up a loyal team of highly trained and dedicated professionals who serve clients with excellence.

Katherine Miller, J.D.
Our Team Mediators

Our lawyers and non-legal professionals believe in using collaboration and conversation to reach results that are fair for all parties involved in a range of family law and business law matters. In addition to lawyers, our team includes counselors, coaches, and therapists—each trained in our collaborative mediation process.

Note: Although VMS is headquartered in New York, we bring a mediation team to divorce & family and business & workplace situations in the United States.

“Their calm, cool confidence commands respect. They are reasonable and logical in their approach, negotiating balanced solutions when difficulties arose. When I was feeling anxious, they remained level headed.”

Anonymous Client

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Divorce &

From child custody, property, and assets disputes and more, our team guides people from impasse to solution.

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Business & Workplace

From business partnership issues to human resource disputes and more, our team guides people from impasse to solution.

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Get perspective without pressure.

Speak with a Virtual Mediation Solutions team member today for a complementary and confidential call. We’ll take the time to listen and ask you the right questions, so we can help you assess whether your situation is right for virtual mediation.