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Excellent mediation services in divorce & family and in business & workplace. Delivered wherever you are.

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Avoid costly battles in divorce, child custody, business.

Both in divorce and in business, conflicts arise. Whether toward your soon-to-be- ex-spouse, another relative, your business partner or your employee, you might feel a downward spiral of anger and anxiety if not also shame and blame. These feelings often happen because you’re confused and don’t know where to go for answers.

When emotions escalate, parties can head down the low road of bickering that leads to full-on battles, rarely ending well if at all. In litigation, you’re more likely to give away your control—to a judge, the lawyers, or your partner. That path is expensive, taxing, and time-consuming.

But the path to resolution doesn’t have to be a costly winner-take-all battle.

What if instead you could resolve your conflict with a time-tested process that gives control back to you working with the other party?

Virtual couple's mediation
Virtual Mediation Solutions is a boutique mediation firm whose top talent offers excellent mediation in a virtual setting in two areas:
Divorce & Family
Business & Workplace

Get perspective without pressure.

Speak with a Virtual Mediation Solutions team member today for a complementary and confidential call. We’ll take the time to listen and ask you the right questions, so we can help you assess whether your situation is right for virtual mediation.

Divorce &

From child custody, property, and assets disputes and more, our team guides people from impasse to solution.

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Business & Workplace

From business partnership issues to human resource disputes and more, our team guides people from impasse to solution.

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Our Point of View

Conflict resolution through mediation is a first-class opportunity. We aim for people in conflict to come away not only with a refreshingly fair solution but also with their dignity intact.

“Their calm, cool confidence commands respect. They are reasonable and logical in their approach, negotiating balanced solutions when difficulties arose. When I was feeling anxious, they remained level headed.”

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